The Greatest for Léman hope, a success story

2 February 2023

One year ago, the Duchemin family had the great idea to support the Léman hope project in a way that is unusual and totally new for this family of sportsmen.


Objective: To highlight the Léman hope project to the art world. This project offers a significant financial contribution to enable young people in remission from cancer and helps them rebuild self-confidence through Léman hopes sailing trips.

To achieve this: As a family, create a unique and unusual exhibition in several iconic locations including the Olympic Museum, bring in as many visitors and media as possible, and auction the paintings to donate all profits to Léman hope.

The collection: 38 colourful and luminous portraits of exceptional sports personalities in terms of their achievements or their lasting impact on society, painted by the exceptional artist David Jamin. Each face tells a story, illuminates an extraordinary and inspiring part of life, and stirs emotion in the hearts of visitors. Together, they demonstrate the beauty of humans working for a sustainable and responsible society.


A HUGE thank you to the Duchemin family, to the artist David Jamin and to all the precious partners of The Greatest, for offering this beautiful gift to Léman hope and for helping us realise this common dream:  help all children in recovery from cancer, in Switzerland, regain confidence and strength after the disease.

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