Léman hope: Become our local hero!

14 March 2024

Léman hope is delighted to announce its involvement and active participation in a series of charity events throughout 2024. These events offer an exceptional opportunity to present our project, share our experiences and establish links at the heart of the local community. To carry out these different missions and extend Léman hope’s visibility, we need you!


Sports challenge

Taking part in our charity and sports challenge goes far beyond the physical aspect. It’s an opportunity to surpass oneself, whether it be by running, swimming or taking on other sporting challenges, while contributing to a good cause. Set up your fund, your team and take the plunge, giving meaning to your next challenges and events!



Another way to support Léman hope: get involved as a volunteer ready to commit to meaningful missions. Whether you can spare an hour, a day, or consider a long-term commitment, there are many ways to support Léman hope!

  • Volunteering on land 🏝 E.g. welcoming families at sailing trips departures and arrivals, welcoming them at sporting events, helping to set up stands, purchasing logistics for cruise needs, relaying information for the cause, distributing medals.
  • Volunteering on the water 🌊 E.g.: steering the follower boat, accompanying transfer boats, preparing refreshments.
  • Volunteering skills 🔎 E.g. photographer, videographer, professional paddler, first aider, English/German translator, graphic designer.
  • Medical volunteering 🏥 E.g. presence of a nurse throughout the cruises, advice from a pediatric oncologist.


You can all show, in your own way, that there are many ways to contribute to Léman hope. By joining our team, you are directly involved in our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of young people in recovery from cancer. Here are some wonderful examples of how we can help young people in recovery from cancer in Switzerland to change their story and become aware of their own strength to help them find their dream again.

How can I get involved as a volunteer or sports challenger?

If you’d like to make a difference, contact us today at maeva.grisoni@lemanhope.ch or visit our website https://www.lemanhope.ch/ to find out more about the different sports missions/challenges and how you can get involved. At Léman hope, we’re convinced that there’s strength in numbers, and with your support, we can build a better future for everyone. Together, let’s share hope through action!